Bennett Cemetery

Three miles east of Streetman, TX  lies the Bennett Cemetery...somewhere.
Once the final resting place of a Texas San Jacinto Lt. Col and his lost.......

            The Bennett Cemetery contains the remains of not only Joseph L Bennett but other family members as well. In addition, there are several others interred there as well.  The original J.L. Bennett headright straddles both Freestone and Navarro Counties cutting the grant right through the middle as shown here in this 1888 Freestone County Map.

Map of Freestone County        3/xx/1888
Publisher:    Texas General Land Office
Draftsman:    F. G. Blau

  • The burials
No one knows the exact number of Bennett kin and others buried in the cemetery. Previous reports place the number anywhere from 25 -50. Known burials from all information are as follows:

  •        Col Joseph L Bennett abt 1800-October 30, 1848
  •        Elizabeth Bennett (Seaborne) wife
  •        Seborn J Bennett (son)
  •        Clark Wallace
  •        Joseph Clark
  •        Joe Steward
  •        Ruben Washington Key

  • The desecration
 Around 1971,  Sherrif Sonny Sessions of Freestone County had received a report of destruction occuring at the Bennett Cemetery. By the time he arrived, it was apparently too late.  Accompanied by Constable Cherry, he saw evidence of disturbed headstones, and large brush piles.

          Read about Sherriff Session's account here:


  • What is being done?
Currently, efforts are being made to contact the current landowner (property has changed hands since 1971).

  • What are the laws regarding a cemetery on private property?  Access?
Section 711.041 of the Health and Safety Code states that any person who wishes to visit a cemetery that has no public ingress or egress shall have the rights for visitation during reasonable hours and for purposes associated with cemetery visits. The owner of the lands surrounding the cemetery may designate the routes for reasonable access.

UPDATED:  Effective Sept 1 2009 - Code has been revised. Bill Young has written an overview of these changes here:

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